Expert RA assigned A+ rating to UNISTREAM (Very high level of creditworthiness)

Expert RA assigned A+ rating to UNISTREAM (Very high level of creditworthiness)

Expert RA Rating Agency assigned A+ level of creditworthiness to UNISTREAM commercial bank, which means very high credit solvency level, second sub-level, stable outlook. Stable outlook means, this rating is highly probably to be kept in the mid-term.

The Expert RA Rating Agency analysts think the bank rating is supported by a high level of capital adequacy (Н1 = 22.1% as of 01.01.14), high level of return on equity (ROE amounted to 22,6% at the end of 2013, without taking into account post financial statement transactions) and assets and liabilities balance by their maturities in the short-term and long-term time horizon (Н2 = 90.3%, Н3 = 111.8%, Н4=0% as of 01.01.14). Also the Agency gave positive assessment to the reliability of the main settlement bank of the UNISTREAM Money Transfer System (DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST COMPANY AMERICAS) and low concentration of asset-related heavy credit risk transactions (as of 01.01.14, the ratio of heavy credit risks to the assets minus loan loss provisions amounted to 7.7%).

According to Expert RA, the rating is restricted by operational risks, related to storing and transporting cash, and reputation risks, related to a big number of partners in the money transfer system (banks and banking payment agencies).

UNISTREAM Bank is the operator on the UNISTREAM International Payment System of Money Transfers, and its main business is focused on the segment of money transfers and retail payment services. The rating, assigned by the Expert RA Agency, reflects the stable financial position of the company, its wide client base and positive dynamics of the development, and shows the long-term reliability of the UNISTREAM system for partners and clients.

UNISTEAM keeps to the conservative policy of business, which is based on the principles of reliability and long-term relationship with partners and clients. The highest priority for the system is the quality of the obligations performed before the partners, provision of modern means of settlement between the members of the system, Kirill Palchun, Chairman of the Management Board of UNISTREAM bank, said.

Strictly keeping to those principles allowed the system to get such a high assessment of its activities from the biggest International Rating Agency in Russia, and thus in the current market conditions.


The UNISTREAM International Payment System of Money Transfers is one of the popular systems in Russia and CIS countries. It operates in some 100 countries worldwide through some 333.5 thousand service points, including self-service payment terminals.

UNISTREAM has its own networks in Greece, the United Kingdom, and Cyprus. Over 450 financial institutions all over the world cooperate with the System.

The UNISTREAM System is the co-funder of the National Payment Council, founded under the aegis of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Association of Russian Banks.

The International Financial Magazine named UNISTREAM the Best Money Transfer System for Eastern Europe 2013. 2012 UNISTREAM was nominated for IAMTN (International Association of Money Transfer Systems) Prize and Global Banking & Finance Review Awards.

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