UNISTREAM Summarized the Results of Three Quarters of 2014: the Volume of Money Transfers Rose By Over 20%

The amount of money transfers via the UNISTREAM System exceeded Rb 142 bn for the nine months of 2014 increasing YoY by more than 20% (Rb 118 bn). During the first three quarters, 6.4 mn transactions were effected via the system which exceeds the previous year result by 15% (5.6 mn).

In 2014, the following countries are the leaders contributing to the general increase of the volume of money transfers via the UNISTREAM: Lithuania (329%), Uzbekistan (48%), Tajikistan (45%), Russia (25%) and Moldova (8%). The quickest – by nine times – growth of the money transfer amount via the UNISTREAM was shown by Hon Kong; money transfers in Lithuania, Estonia and Kenia went up approximately by three times YoY. 
During three quarters of 2014, the UNISTREAM Money Transfer System started to operate in new directions: Turkey, the Kingdom of Cambodia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Within this period, the System acquired 19 new partners in Russia, 5 in CIS and 3 abroad. The UNISTREAM total service network grew by 3,821 outlets (without considering terminals) to reach 142 668, and its own network, by 31 outlets to reach 250.

Besides the traditional money transfer services, the number of payment operations effected via the UNISTREAM System increased including loan repayments and other bank payments. Their share in the total system turnover grew from 0.7% to 1.7%.

“We are very glad to see that the UNISTREAM System is well ahead of the market, says CEO of CB UNISTREAM OJSC Kirill Palchun. According to CBR, during 8 months the market of cross-border money transfers from Russia fell by 3% YoY, and to Russia, went up by 5%. And the UNISTREAM figures in the same period increased by 4% and 17%, respectively”.

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