UNISTREAM Money Transfers from MasterCard Cards Becoming More Convenient


From now on, card2cash money transfers may be made by MasterCard® and Maestro® cardholders (cards by Russian issuers) in the website of the UNISTREAM International Payment System of Money Transfers. Money transfers involve the MasterCard MoneySend® technology. 

Now one can make a money transfer from a bank card via the UNISTREAM website from any location in the world if Internet access is available. One can pick up a money transfer immediately after it is sent in any UNISTREAM customer service outlet in Russia, Abkhazia, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, UK, Vietnam, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Czech Republic. The list of countries where money transfers may be paid is constantly expanded. 

The fee for card2cash service makes 2%, but at least Rb 200. One can pick up a money transfer in rubles (in Russia, CIS countries, Georgia and Ukraine), in USD, in Euros (everywhere except UK), in British pounds (in UK and Latvia).
To make a money transfer, the sender should specify his full name and phone number, recipient’s full name, country and payment currency. The recipient should go to any UNISTREAM outlet in his country, give to the teller the money transfer check code, amount and currency, as well as the sender’s full name, and present his identity document.

“Money transfers are today one of the most flexible and actively developing financial services, and the UNISTREAM International Payment System of Money Transfers offers a big variety of opportunities of sending money quickly, for an affordable price and, what counts most is, securely, comments UNISTREAM CEO Kirill Palchun. As a result of our fruitful cooperation with MasterCard, millions of Russian holders of cards issued by this global payment system have been given the opportunity of making money transfers in the UNISTREAM website using their cards while their recipients may pick up cash money in the offices of our ramified network worldwide”. 
“As soon as the new service was launched, UNISTREAM became the player offering all MasterCard MoneySend options: one can send money from card to card, transfer cash to card, send money from card with the recipient picking up cash. Thanks to cards and electronic money transfers, big distances are covered easily and people receive money they need punctually which sometimes is crucially important”, commented llya Ryabiy, CEO of MasterCard Russia.
*The card from which a money transfer is made should be supported by the Internet secured payments technology 3D-Secure (MasterCard® SecureCodeTM).

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