Microlender BONACO Becoming a New Georgian Partner of UNISTREAM

Non-address money transfers via the UNISTREAM International Payment System of Money Transfers are now available for picking up in all offices of the BONACO microfinance organization in Tbilisi, Rustavi and Gardabani.

One can pick up a UNISTREAM money transfer in BONACO outlets in rubles, US dollars or Euros.

Since 2011, UNISTREAM money transfers in the territory of Georgia are made on a non-address basis. Any person is free to select a UNISTREAM outlet where to pick up the money, and the number of such outlets is nearing 700 including 300 offices in Tbilisi, over 20 in Rustavi and 7 in Gardabani.

Up to June 30, a special fee for non-address money transfers to Georgia of 0% will be valid in the UNISTREAM Money E-Wallet. Besides the E-Wallet, one can send money to Georgia via all UNISTREAM channels: in UNISTREAM proprietory offices, in offices of the system partners in Russia, CIS countries and far-abroad countries, in MegaFon offices in St.Petersburg, Moscow and Moscow region, from a mobile phone account and from a bank card. The minimum money transfer charge will make 1% of the amount.

“UNISTREAM is one of the most popular money transfer networks in Russia and CIS countries. We operate very actively in Georgia offering to our customers the most convenient format of sending money – non-address money transfers. One can pick up a money transfer in any outlet of the UNISTREAM Georgian partners, and the number of such outlets is constantly growing, says UNISTREAM CEO Kirill Palchun. Up to June 30, an unprecedented offer will be valid for our customers who will be able to send money to Georgia free of charge in the UNISTREAM Money E-Wallet”.

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